Thursday, August 11, 2011

Well So Much for Posting My New Project

I was going to try real hard like to get my busy, colorful, all-over-the-place mini album up today but it just didn't happen. What did happen is I got off work early and the boys, the dog and I went down to San Clemente to Three Dog Bakery (really fun and cute by the way) and then for yogurt, and then a walk down Del Mar and then lunch on the way home. Dylan and I ended the day by enrolling Gidget in a training class and having our first session. I guess really it's okay that I didn't post the mini book since I have no followers and no one but me is reading this! Ha! Well it's 3:46am and I really should be in bed (if it wasn't for the fact that my 14 year old woke up throwing up at 2:20am and I just finished cleaning up). Goodnight (morning) . . .

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