Thursday, January 31, 2013

Little Green Men ~ AMP Design Team Post

Okay, so not exactly the little green men you were thinking . . .

My son, who is a lego fiend (we have lego creations on every flat surface in our home - no really, EVERY flat surface) not to mention the tubs and tubs of miscellaneous lego pieces we have lying around.

When my son decided he needed to amass an "army of lego dudes" what else could I do but break out the Amazing Mold Putty and go to work?! Any of you with children in this age group know the cost of these mini figures. Well I knew I couldn't buy him an army of them . . . but I could make them.

So here's what I did:

I mixed my Amazing Mold Putty using a 1:1 ratio of "A" and "B" (click on the link at the end of this post to go to their website for a tutorial). I made a mold of a mini figure and his hat (separately).

The mini figure I did like I would any of my other molds, but the hat was a little more difficult. I put the hat in one-half of the putty I mixed for it and then stuffed it with the other one-half. I made pen marks on each of the mold halves so that I would be able to line them back up when I went to pour my resin. I then mixed my Amazing Casting Resin (use the link above for detailed instructions) - equal parts A and B. As soon as parts A and B are thoroughly mixed you can begin pouring into your mold (It will turn an opaque milky white when it is completely hardened unless you are using clear). I poured enough so that it seeped out slightly but did not completely overflow (this seemed to be the best way to do it - after a few tries).

Above is a look at the soldier "dude" before I sanded him and painted him and below is a look after I sanded him and then after I painted him.
Here is one showing his hat in a little more detail:
This was the first one I made. They got better as I went. The one on the package was a fun way to accent a gift for a friend's birthday. No matter how many times I say it, I can't emphasize enough how versatile this product is and how much fun you can have using it! I made a bunch of mini figures and left them unpainted so I can choose how I want to paint them for a specific party gift. And . . . my son loves his army!

Thanks for checking out my project! The Amazing Mold Putty and Casting Resin can be found at your local craft store or the Amazing Mold Putty website . . . check out all of their products. Be sure to comment and ask questions if you have any.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mark Montano, His New Book and the New E6000 Spray

So, at the E6000 booth I got to try out the new E6000 spray adhesive that will be out in April. Even if it wasn't no odor, it would be fab just because the pump spray doesn't have near the overspray that the larger aerosol version of adhesive spray has and it has the same E6000 bond!

But even better than that I got to meet Mark Montano and got an autographed copy of his new book "The Big Ass Book of Bling." What a nice guy! Below is a picture (sorry Mark, I was too lazy to photoshop out my wrinkles or your shiny forehead - Maybe you won't remember that I promised eh?). The really funny part was when I got the new book home. In the few minutes it took me to change into my PJs, my 8 year old decided he needed to alter my new book . . . um here it is . . .

Me and Mark . . .

Autographed page (so sweet) I''m sure he wrote the same thing for everyone, but he was truly gracious . . . Thanks Mark!

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CHA Today

What a fabulous day at CHA! I got to do so many fun make-n-takes, see fab new products and and meet a ton of wonderful crafters! I met my friend Terri Sproul face to face for the first time, I met Mark Montano and tried out the new E6000 spray (see my next post for that info), I met Leeza Gibbons (what a wonderful and sweet lady . . . and her new hubby is so sweet as well), I saw Tim Holtz again, and met a friend of a friend, Christine Adolf of Splash of Color (formerly Creative Imaginations) and put together a sizzix teacup with Brenda Walton who is also as sweet as they come. And to top it all off, I gopt to stop by the AMP booth and see my samples and guess what? They had flyers that included me . . . my picture, a sample of my work and my bio!! Can you believe it? All in all a fab day. Tomorrow I will concentrate more on taking pictures of the fun demos, but here are some pics from today.

The AMP booth:

Me and Leeza:

Tim Holtz Booth. . .

Well I'm totally tired out so I will do one more post and then off to bed and back to CHA tomorrow. Goodnight all.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

All You Need is Love Card Kit Mini Album DT Post for Robin's Nest

This month we are highlighting the Robin's Nest Card Kits and Tag Kits which are 20% off (yay!). Just use the promo code: cardkitpromo when placing an order. Because I am on the layout team and not so much a card maker, I challenged myself to use the card kit (the whole thing) to create something fun and . . . not a card - lol. Here's what I came up with; what do you think? I just want to show you how much you can do with a card kit. Don't limit yourself!

I started with the Roses Card Kit which you can find here. I also used the following items:
Wedding Tag Kit (a few items)
Flame Dew Drops (red ones)
Flame Clippies (the king of hearts)
Heartfelt Creations Posey Patch Flowers Stamp and Die Set

So, other than those items I used some bits and pieces of embellishments and scraps of black cardstock . . . that's it!

I started by attaching the envelopes that come with the card kit in a W or mountain formation. I had an envelope flap left over, so I sandwiched it between two of the cards from the kit to create a front cover for my mini and then adhered the third card to the last envelope to create a back cover:

Then I pulled out the pieces of my card kit and turned it into a mini album. I created the front flower using the Heartfelt Creations stamp and die set (what a fun idea - you stamp first and then cut out the stamped images with a die - no fussy cutting!). Here are some pictures of that process:

Here are some pictures of the finished product:

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Don't forget to check out The Robin's Nest website and pick-up your card kits and tag kits this month while they are on sale!