Timeless Treasures Class Travel Junk Journal Pictures

This page is for anyone who purchased the kit for my Travel Junk Journal class at Timeless Treasures.  Please feel free to message me with any questions because this was a pretty detailed journal with some of the paper cut in very specific ways (but of course you can customize and and make it your own too).

You will need black paint or heavy ink for edges of chipboard cover, distress inks (black and browns) stamp inks and stamps (there are some stamped images you won't have because I brought my stamps to class - you get the important ones like the car and tickets from the cover, but the misc. stamps on the composition paper you will need to improvise with your own stamped images).  If you don't have any stamps that will work for you, we can make arrangements for me to bring my stamps to one of my other classes and you can meet there to use them and for any extra help or instruction you may need or want.  Thank you for purchasing my kit.  I hope you enjoy, here are the pictures:

Front Cover

Inside cover with map for tracking states traveled and license plates spotted

6x6 page and pocket page - you can find tutorials
on this pocket page on youtube


Happy Scrapping (and Journaling)!

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