Timeless Treasures License Plate "Hawaii or Bust" Class

This page is for those who did not finish their album or purchased a kit for the Hawaii or Bust class at Timeless Treasures.  I will post pictures with tips for each set of pages, but please feel free to email me with questions or if you need help with something.  We can always arrange to meet at Timeless or before one of my other classes and finish up your album. 

The front cover is the retired Hawaii license plate and the back cover is  chipboard (lay the license on the chipboard and draw the corners so they can be trimmed to exactly match the front).

The inside cover is the plain textured cardstock (distress inked); however, when your album is completed you will find that you have two pieces of two-sided patterned cardstock strips left 4x9" I think (among other sizes) to use to make pockets for the inside pages of both the front and back covers.  Tips for this page:  Make sure to wrap the bamboo pole before you glue it down and only glue the right side of umbrella and very bottom of bamboo pole so you can tuck your photo mat into it.  For the "beach towel," cut the canvas down the the desired size and then fray the edges a bit.  Stamp an image you like and then use water color pencils or distress inks to color the image.

Okay, for some reason, my google plus keeps cutting off the top of this picture - For those of you who were at the class, that's the page with the plumeria background paper, the braided trim (we did the buckle on the front side so this side is just the plain trim wrapped around) with the brown #10 envelope tucked in it (with a flower at the bottom to anchor it when you turn the page).  I think everyone in class finished this page but I'm not absolutely positive.  Let me know if you didn't - I can text it to you directly.

The bottom page is basically the tiki and tiki torch which have been fussy cut from patterned paper.  The tiki is glued only on the left side and half of the bottom to create a "pocket."  The torch is glued to the tiki rather than to the background paper.  On the left of the tiki is a set of flowers folded in half with a shell in the center, and a couple of other flowers next to it.  to the right of that and above the tiki are the skeleton leaves which I've inked up a bit (as I do everything).  To the far right is a piece of potpourri which I think looks a little like a piece of coral.  I adhered this only on the right side and bottom to help anchor the tags.  The post card is created from cream cardstock which was in the kit and a post card stamp I had in class.  *Gloria - if you will email me I will stamp and send you a post card.

The upper page has a base of the word paper with a thin strip of the beige textured cardstock to the left.  Covering the seam between the two papers is the piece of the braided trim glued down.  The page is embellished by a layered flower with a dried flower bulb in the center and two small pieces of the braided trim tucked under the flower to look like the trim is tied.  The photo mat is the cream cardstock (the clip you see is from the other side - it clips the tags together).

The lower page has a background of the beige textured cardstock.  The photo mat is dark brown with the sea bottom piece layered on top.  For the braided trim you have two choices.  You can either glue or staple it to the brown piece only or you can wrap it around the sea bottom piece and then adhere the sea bottom piece to the dark brown.  The second option is more bulky but cleaner looking.  Either way, you don't want the trim adhered to the front of the sea bottom paper or you won't be able to slide your picture under it.  The envelope is a die cut that is in your kit along with a piece of tapa (kapa) cloth I brought back from Maui.  I put the envelope together and adhered the tapa to it before I folded the bottom up and glued it.  I then used my circle punch to punch a half circle in the top.  The tag is made from a piece of patterned paper backed with black cardstock and a tab which are in your kit.

For the upper portion of this page, you will be creating a "tree" from wire and seam binding which are included in your kit.  You should have cut two short pieces about 3" or so from your seam binding for the ring on the outside of the album and to go around the bamboo on the umbrella.  With the remaining seam binding you will cover your tree.  Start with adding a glue dot at the base of the tree and just starting winding the fabric around keeping it loose (if you pull it too tight and close together you won't have enough to finish the tree, but if you wrap it loosely pulling it up as you go you will have plenty).  When you get to the top of one branch cut the ribbon and start at the base of the next branch and keep going until you have all three branches covered.  TIP:  For the "gone to the beach" sign turn your piece of cardstock over and emboss some lines with a stylus or bone folder.  When you turn it back over and ink or chalk it the lines will show up.  Use some of the jute included in your kit to "hang" your sing on the tree.  The "Gone to the Beach"  was a stamp I brought to class.  I think everyone stamped it before we cleaned up.  *Gloria - I can stamp and send this image to you as well. 

The bottom page is pretty simple - two photo mats and a layered flower.

The upper portion of this page is really easy.  Cut a length of braided trim the length of the page and glue it down only on the bottom edge to create a pocket-like strip.  The post card is just a sample to show you how it sits in the "pocket" but the other images will be mailed to everyone in the class as I somehow missed getting those stamps to class with me.  *Gloria - again, I will send you these as well. 

The bottom portion of this class is just a series of layers.  After the base page you add a strip of the patterned paper shown adhering at the top and bottom edges only to create a "belly band".  There is a strip of sea bottom paper that goes in the paper bag and then a strip of patterned paper (same as the belly band only flipped so you see the back) with a tab from your kit.

For the upper page you will have the photo mat with a green piece behind it.  I found that I had enough of the green patterned paper (same green pattern as the background paper on the umbrella page) to use that instead of the plain green so that is what you have in your kit for the green piece behind.  Also, I was able to find a die cut of the Hawaiian islands that was a bit larger than these decals, so zoom in on this page for the placement of your islands.  Because they are a bit bigger, do your islands first and then place your photo mat so you can space properly.

For the bottom page, you will note now that you are finished that you have two strips of paper that are the perfect size to be long pockets (one for the inside of each cover page).  I didn't like how blank it looked (even though I plan to put pictures) and thought you could put extra photos (or post cards) in the pockets.

The last thing you need to do is use all of the remaining pieces of ribbon and the dolphin charm to embellish the binding ring on the outside of the album.

**Just a note ladies - I have the items I'm mailing out packaged and ready to go in tomorrow's mail (August 30), so watch for it.  I would love to see some photos of your albums with pictures! 

  Thanks for  your patience.

~ Make Today Count

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  1. What a great idea! I have some plates lying around, I will have to try this!