Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Travel Junk Journal Scrapbook (for Road Trip)

This is a travel junk journal I created for a class I taught at Timeless Treasures (in Rancho Santa Margarita). The class was fun and everyone seemed to really like their finished journal. The journal is a vintage style with lots of odds and ends to memorialize any road trip or vacation. Just inside the front cover we included a map of the US to mark off the states as you travel through them. There are a ton of pockets, file folders, and different pages to include any type of memorabilia, journaling and photos during your trip. The sections are divided with tabs such as "where we stayed, things we saw, things we ate, where we went, people we met, places we stopped, random thoughts," etc. I created several tags and didn’t even use them all. I will be posting photos of the inside shortly, but wanted to give a glimpse of it for now.

I will also be posting pictures of the Junk Journal I made for my own family to take on our next road trip - that one is kind of a junk journal on steroids. I have been fighting with what type of binding method to use because even my two in binding rings were not big enough! I settled on leather cording and that will have to do. I can’t wait to show it off - I put so much into it.

At my 8 year old’s suggestion after watching the movie "Judy Moody’s Not So Bummer Summer," we have included a "Cuskey Family Not-a-Bummer-Road-Trip Thrill Point Chart" in our journal (this includes things to do (or not do) along the way and when we get to our destination and it awards points for items marked off, bonus points for extra credit (lol) and loser points for hitches in the road, so to speak. It should be a blast! Below is a jpg image of the one I created (I can't figure out how to upload a pdf on blogger - need to research that) that you might use as a sample if you are so inclined. If you have wordperfect and want a copy you can modify, message me and I will email you the file. I could always save it as a word doc from my wordperfect, but I don’t think the table would stay in tact . . . not sure.

No matter what you intend to do this summer, bring along some type of journal (even if you don’t have the time or inclination to make one) and make sure to memorialize the time with your family!

~ Make it Count

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