Monday, February 6, 2012

Finally Finished!

Well I finally finished the baby album for my friend Sara (first grand baby) ...yay!

All that's left to do is a video for you tube and some still pics and to wrap it up.

As you can see, it's fatter than I intended (well so am I for that matter - lol). But seriously, I made my hinges (thank you Laura - following the paper trail on YouTube) 1/4 inch and should have done 1/2 inch. I will more in depth detail on each page, but if you check Laura's "stack the deck" binding, that's what I used. I did tweak it just a bit. I lined each piece of my binding with Tyvek and when I had it all together I stapled the binding together for durability. You'll see when I post the pics of the binding that I ran a ribbon through the middle which covered the staples beautifully.

Thanks for looking at my baby girl mini album scrapbook and stay tuned for more pictures and a video.

Make today count ~

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  1. Wendy: I love this work of art! It really shows your creativity and talent. Love the thought you put into all the embellishments! Keep 'em coming!