Saturday, November 17, 2012

I Give Thanks ~ Robin's Nest DT Project

I'm not usually one to make cards; in fact, I'm usually lucky (and feeling really on top of things) if I actually have a card with a gift or on a birthday.  But I wanted to create a card for my eldest son to let him know how thankful I am for him.  I wanted it to look masculine but still pretty (yes, I know that is probably an oxymoron (a pretty, masculine card), but hey, it's what I was going for.  How'd I do?  My son has been going through some rough patches lately and I just wanted something in which I can write him a little reminder of all of the things about him for which I am truly thankful.

I was going to use scraps from other projects to show how you can use up your scraps (so this is a reminder that you can use your scraps for cards) . . . but uh . . . yeah . . . I didn't do that.  I found this paper in my Robin's Nest paper stash and decided that it was the only paper I wanted to use.  It is a double-sided paper (Distressed Honeycomb) and has a linen texture to it.  One side is more solid and one side is more distressed looking.  I really do love this paper; it has such a fabulous, rich feel to it.  It's almost like having a nice fabric that acts like a paper.  So this was the backdrop for my card.  I tried to get a good close-up picture so you can see the texture.  To be honest, I really didn't even want to cover it up too much.  So I added a piece of Glitter Gold on Creme Swirl (I used the back side) and distressed the edges with my scissors.  After inking up both the background and the Creme piece, all that was needed was a few embellishments and a hand-drawn border. And I ended up with this fabulous card.  The embellishment says "Give Thanks;" and I just added an "I" above it and inside the card it will say "For YOU!"  After adding my personal sentiment it will be ready to give to my son.

I hope you enjoy my card and that you have a most wonderful Thanksgiving!  Don't forget to check out the Robin's Next website for these and other fabulous papers and products!

~ Make Today Count

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