Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Twilight Mini Album Birthday Gift

Love Bites! Mini Album
Okay, so in hindsight I went a little "My Big Fat Greek Wedding - Wedding Planning Album" all up on this thing, but I was trying to hide a seam and really should have just used ribbon, not lace.  I don't like the lace but it was finished and what could I do? I really think the rest of the album came out cute - I should have made one for me too lol.  Today I'm going to post the first few pictures and will post some more later this week.  I've been home sick and then home with a sick child and am still catching up.  So here's what I have so far . . .

The Jacob brooch I on the front cover is one I made
(see earlier posts for close-up pics and the how-to on it).

The binding has a wolf charm, a silver vampire teeth charm, a crystal charm and some ribbon.

The album is put together using "paper hinges" I created just scoring cardstock.  I like this method because you can choose the space between your pages by how far apart you score it.  That way you can have chunky embellishments without your book turning into a big "V" shaped monstrosity.

The inside front cover has a chain that is meant to look like Bella's
bracelet from Jacob with Edward's diamond heart on it as well.

That's all for today.  Check back later for more pictures of this album.

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