Monday, May 21, 2012

Faux Bronze Patina Box with Mermaid - Robin's Nest DT Submission

I know I posted this previously, but I am re-posting as part one to my Robin's Nest Design Team
submission. Check out their Website and Blog:


 Part 2 coming soon!

So, my 22nd wedding anniversary was this last weekend and I wanted to make something unique for my husband.  I occurred to me that I still hadn't tried the Amazing Mold Putty I bought at CHA soooooo.... Here's what I came up with.

Because we live near the beach, we tend to have a lot of ocean/beach type decor in and outside of our home.  I had this wooden box with four coasters in it and thought I would create something for my husband's bamboo bar.  And, since he likes mermaids, I thought this would be a fun addition.  I created the mermaid, the dolphin brooch and the broken sand dollar type flower by making molds and casting resin.  Below are some step-by-step pictures along with some instructions on how I achieved the patina on this piece.  Please feel free to message with any questions.

I started with this simple wooden box and three shapes I wanted to cast for the top.

After mixing the Amazing Mold Putty in equal parts (like playdoh - really easy) I pressed in my shapes (or in the case of the mermaid I molded the putty around the mermaid).  I let sit about 10 minutes and voila . . . molds!  It really is fun to create a mold and know you can make the item over and over again.  The possibilities with making my own scrapbooking embellishments are mind-boggling!

Once I had the molds, I tried my hand at the resin.  I did the mermaid first to make sure I mixed enough.  Next I poured the brooch.  I think I took too long making sure I got all of the edges of the brooch covered because when I went to pour the metal flower it was kind of gooey and chunky . . . but guess what?  I used it anyway and loooove the way it came out; it's kind of organic looking (sort of like a broken sand dollar I think).  So here are my three pieces.

I painted everything with a coat of black acrylic paint (including the wood pieces) and then everything again with some orange/coppery paint (just dry brushed here and there).

After the orange I dry brushed some dark teal green on everything.

Then a coat of sea foam (watered down a bit so as not to be so opaque) on everything.
I finished it off with some gold rub on the edges and raised areas of all pieces.  I placed them where I wanted them and then then glued them on all with some E6000 glue. 

I hope you try something like this yourself.  You will be amazed at what you can do!

Ooops!  I just realized that after I finished I thought it needed one more thing.  I did the same paint technique on some drywall tape and added some torn pieces of it underneath and sticking out to look like fishing net.  I will post an updated picture of that (I have to take it back and take another picture - lol).

Have a great day all.

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  1. This is fantastic! I love all the detail!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words (and for pinning me - lol)!

  3. This is amazing! Tweeting, Pinning, sharing and any other way I can broadcast this :)

  4. Thanks Amanda! I appreciate the positive feedback. I'm going to post an updated picture in a few minutes with the added netting in the background.

  5. That is a really fantastic piece of Art! I love all of it. How creative you are.

  6. WOW - you created a very fun piece to look at and functional to, love it all. Well done!

  7. nice opinion.. thanks for posting.