Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's Day PocketMini Albums

I love, love, love these mini albums!  I made these after watching a tutorial from angelwings14100 on youtube - she does a fab tutorial with measurements so you can totally recreate this album with ease.  I had no trouble at all figuring out how to do it.  Here is a link to her tutorial (but check out all of her tutorials, she has some other great ones as well!):  Angel Wings Mini Tutorial

I'm hoping to get pics of the insides too, but I have to put one in the mail tomorrow to get there for Mother's Day, so we'll see . . .

Ignore the other project in the backgound, this was a quick pic I took with my phone this morning.  I have some really good ones with my camera, but I was so excited to share them that I couldn't wait to upload those - lol.

She does a great ball chain binding on these.  My ball chain I ordered from ebay hasn't come in yet, so I just used some chain and jump rings and it seems to work just fine.  Thanks for looking!

~  Make Today Count

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