Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Look - Pages from Travel Junk Journal * Road Trip *

Okay, here is the front cover of our Travel Junk Journal from our Road Trip to South Dakota.  I know the faces in the windows is a corny touch, but I just couldn't help myself (I know, I know. . . ).  Anyway, I also added a pic of the boys on the faux Polaroid.  The cover itself was already completed (I created the whole thing before we left and took it with us for journaling as we went (and yeah, I actually did journal a little bit - lol), so I just slipped the photos in.

For the cover, I used medium weight chipboard (I painted with black acrylic paint) and covered with a vintage print paper bag (you can get them at this blog http://www.thejulebox.com/2011/04/vintage-newspaper-ad-bags-in-2-designs.html  The Jule Box.  Check out her other items as well - she has a lot of great things.  I finished off the cover with a faux Polaroid a "Road Trip" tag, some patterned paper, a small shipping tag I stamped and a Tim Holtz die cut.

Below is a little bit of a closer look at the detail.

 Here is a closer look at the charms hanging on the binding.  Speaking of the binding, this journal was so big by the time I finished, that I had to use leather cord to bind it because even my 2" binder rings were not big enough!  I guess I need to plan better next time.

That's all for today, next I will post some inside pages.  Keep a lookout for my next Robin's Nest post, it's a fun one this time (well, hopefully, they're all fun lol).

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