Friday, July 20, 2012

Hello Again and Instructions for Mix and Match Mini Album

Well we are officially back from our summer road trips (we started with a family camping trip to Kern River, then a two week road trip to South Dakota and then finished it off with three days in Vegas - whew! - I don't ever want to get back in the car again).  As much as I like vacations, I am so glad to be home where we can just spend some time on the beach.  But keep an eye out for that Road Trip Travel Junk Journal I mentioned a few weeks back.  I will be posting it once I get my pictures back and have it completely filled-in.

Okay, I have had a ton of requests for the instructions on how to make the base for the Mix and Match Mini Album (and, because I didn't get her user name correct, no one can find them!).  Yes, I am brain dead!  So, here is a link to Mariana's video (be sure to check out her channel as well - she has a lot of really cool tutorials) . . .  -

So send me some pictures and let me know what you make - This came together so much more quickly than I thought it would (thanks to the video with measurements).

~ Make Today Count

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