Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yorkie Halloween Costumes

Okay, I totally have to share these!  My brother and I have been trying to "one-up" each other all day with our quick wits and creative ideas for Halloween costumes for my teeny tiny yorkie . . . here's what we came up with:

11.     If we had a conductor baton she could conduct a "Yorkestra" and we could dress her in tails . . . ha ha, get it . . . tails?

10.     Create a mask and snorkel and she can be  . . . yorkeling!  (wait, they get better - promise!);

9.       Give her a colorful striped shirt and suspenders and she can be "York from Ork" . . . nanu nanu?

8.       Make her a faux tin can from cardboard and foil and she can be "York and Beans" . . . lol, I'm cracking myself up here . . .

7.       Give her a banner and some roses and she can be "Miss New York-ie" . . . yes?

6.       Make a bun costume from fabric and batting and she can be a "Pulled York Sandwich"

5.      Print a USPS shirt patch to put on a store bought shirt and she can be a "Postal Terrier"

4.       Cover two pieces of round cardboard in foil and she can be a "York-ie Peppermint Patty"

3.       My brother says to take a picture of her backside and call it "Terrier Derriere"

2.     A lab coat and some evidence  . . . "CSI:  New Yorkie"

1.     The number one (mine of course) is an outfit I've already made so that Gidget and her mini yorkie boyfriend can dress up together (a crown and cloak for him and a princess cone hat and tutu for her - sparkly of course) as  . . . wait for it . . . "The prince and princess of York -ie"

Okay, yeah, way too much time on our hands -yes?   Hope this gave you a chuckle.

~ Make today count

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