Sunday, October 14, 2012

Skull Embellishment for Tag Mini Album ~ Amazing Mold Putty DT Post

I was trying to find an embellishment for a Halloween mini tag album I was making for a class at my local scrapbook store and was having no luck at all. I could find stickers (ugh, no please) and skulls that were too large to use for an album, and then it struck me . . . I can make my own! With Amazing Mold Putty, you are not limited to what you can find in a store to use in your scrapbooking, you can totally create an embellishment the exact size you need.

For this skull embellishment, I started with a rather large (and bulbous) skull head from my local craft store. As you can see from the picture, it way too large to use as an embellishment on a scrapbook.

So I just made a mold of the face portion - start by mixing your Amazing Mold Putty (equal parts A and B) and kneading it like play-doh until it is a solid medium yellow color.

Apply your putty to the item you want to mold (my skull face) . . .

Allow the putty to set (if this is your first time using Amazing Mold Putty, please refer to their website for detailed instructions) - click here.
Next, You will mix your Casting Resin (use the link above for detailed instructions) - equal parts A and B. As soon as parts A and B are thoroughly mixed you can begin pouring into your mold (I'm still playing with the other project you see so ignore that one -lol). It will turn an opaque milky white when it is completely hardened (unless you are using the clear resin of course).
Once the resin is completely hardened, pop it out of the mold.

Voila! I now have a flat backed embellishment that can go in a tag or any mini album and won't create too much bulk. Don't you love that you can create something so totally different from what you started with using Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin? I know I do.

Add a little paint and who would ever know you created this little gem yourself?

So have some fun and create something new and unusual for your next scrapbook! Make sure to check out the Amazing Mold Putty website to sample (or replenish) these Amazing products. Visit their blog for more Amazing projects.

Thanks for stopping in to check out my project.

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