Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Baby Carriage and Mini Album

I've been holding off posting this because it is a gift for my niece and her new baby (and with the sickness in the family, we haven't been out to see the baby yet).  But, I decided, that she's probably so busy with the baby that she's certainly no looking at my blog (I hope).  So, even though these are not great pictures (taken with my phone right after I finished it), I'm posting them as a "sneak peek."

I created the carriage from chipboard and design paper (the wheels from ribbon spools).  It's just big enough to fit the mini album inside.  I really love how it turned out.  The canopy actually opens and closes since the strips are held in place with brads.  The wheels actually turn too.  The design paper is Basic Grey "Out of Print."

I'll have to post some better pictures taken with my camera now that it has the baby's name and some cute charms hanging from the carriage push handle.  I am really excited about how it came out though.  It was fun to create and will be even more fun to give to my niece!

Thanks for checking out my carriage!

~ Make Today Count