Tuesday, October 1, 2013

But We Were on a Break!

I know it's been awhile since I've posted, but in the words of Ross Geller . . . "but we were on a break . . .!"  All kidding aside, between closing shop (the attorney I work for has retired and aside from a few lingering cases we are finishing up we are closed), a Kern River camping trip, a Vegas trip with my bestie and her family, a three week road trip (main destinations Durango and Cripple Creek Colorado with many stops along the way) and my son starting a new charter school, it has been a doozy of a summer (yeah, yeah I know summer is over and it's really fall already).  But now that kids are back in school and I'm trying to get a hold of my new schedule of being a glorified taxi (my 16 year old is in a hybrid independent study/online school through our district where I still have to haul him around to labs, language and for tests several times a week to the old district office (in another city).  So, that being said, I am going to start posting again regularly and start showcasing some of my recent projects. 

My first post (after this one) will be a sneak peek at my Haunted House and Halloween Mini Album (I think I will do a YouTube video on that one too).  It is almost finished and I think it is coming out fab! 

My next post will probably be a gift I made for my niece who just had a baby.  I don't want to post it before I give it to her because I'm afraid she might see it (although she probably doesn't follow my blog lol).  This one I am really excited about because it came out so stinking cute!  I created the mini album first, then when I got the idea to make a baby carriage to house it, I had to size it around the mini album.  It turned out to be a good fit, except that the next one (that's right I'm gonna make more!) will be a bit wider so that I can embellish the album front more.

Before I go, here is my favorite road trip 2013 photo of my boys and Gidget.

So, all that to say I'M BACK!  Stay tuned . . .

Thanks for stopping by!

~Make Today Count

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