Thursday, November 3, 2011

Class Halloween Party Treat Bags

We had our class party and my treat bags were a hit (thanks to Valerie, one of the room moms, I had more to stuff inside of them and some cute pencils to attach to the back).  My husband told me I was putting too much time into making these things; and, I have to say, after several hours of die cutting and I still wasn't finished, I was almost at the point of agreeing with him . . . but the look on my son's face (not to mention all of the other children in his class) when I walked in with my tray of bags, was worth every moment I spent.  People say that 2nd graders don't appreciate something like that, but when you have little girls asking you questions about how you did certain things (whether you drew it or stamped it, etc.) and children who hug you and tell you "thank you" for taking the time to make treats for them, you know it's not true!  Here are some pictures of the finished product:

Here is a great picture of the "aftermath" . . .

 Do you think he's had too much candy already?!?

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