Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Pages from the Travel Junk Journal

We've been so busy I haven't had much time to complete the pictures in my journal yet, but here are two more pages.  The first is a glossy, coated, lunch back (from the $1.50 section at Michaels).  I folded the top portion over and in to a point  and then added my own closures.  Inside I stored the "extra" pictures we took of Whitewood Creek (I took way too many but didn't want to get rid of any of the angles - so this gave me the storage I needed in my album.  I loooove it! 

This page is the back side of one I showed earlier which contains the pocket with the US map in it.  This was created from a Tim Holtz paper that I thought was perfect since we tracked license plates on the map tag.  We were only missing about 4 by the end of the trip (well 6 if you count Hawaii and Alaska).  In the pocket I've just tucked pictures from the first leg of our drive.  On the tag I will be including the dates covered by the pictures and the places we stopped.

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