Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ticket to Ride Robin's Nest DT Project

This project was kind of a spur of the moment gift. That's what I love about the versatility of Robin's Nest paper. My boss and I were at a local office supply store and she was looking for something to put her tickets and itinerary (as well as passport and other travel papers) for her upcoming trip to Spain. We couldn't find anything that was the exact size she wanted. Sooooo, I came home and created this:

Using the Damask Black and White cardstock I distressed it much as I did my last project, using several different shades of distress inks. The glossy raised pattern allows you to do whatever you want to the paper without interfering with the pattern. I absolutely LOVE the way it came out! I started with just two sheets of the paper and what I ended up with looks like an old world pocket book.

I made it 10" wide and 5.5" tall to make sure it was large enough to hold folded in half sheets of standard paper. I fitted it with 1.5" gussets to make sure it was deep enough to hold passports as well. The pictures below show my progress. This project was really simple but elegant. As I mentioned in my post of the tropical mini album, Robin's Nest paper is a really sturdy grade paper or you wouldn't be able to do this knowing that it won't fall apart. As you can see in the pictures, I did put strips of tape over the score lines (on the inside) so that the areas that are opened and closed don't start to crack or fray with wear and tear. I assume this will be opened and closed many, many times during the trip. I also lined it with the left-over pieces of patterned paper and some solid black cardstock just to give it a finished look when you open it.

Once I completed the pocket book itself, I embellished it with some of the Glitter Leopard Print cardstock (which of course I inked up a bit) to create a luggage tag. I added a couple of other embellishments and a luggage strap made from ribbon and voila . . . a finished project that I'm hoping my boss will love for her trip!

Thanks for checking out my project! Don't be afraid to play with Robin's Nest paper - there are so many things you can do with it. If this wasn't going to be for an actual trip, I can just imagine the darling travel mini album I would tuck inside. The possibilities are endless.

~Make Today Count


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